Working for a sustainable future through Inner Development Goals

Meet the founders of IDG in this short film. Be inspired of the initiative. 

Local Hubmeeting, exploring the dimension #Thinking on a hubmeeting

Exploring the dimension #BEING at a hubmeeting. 

The Inner Development Goals (IDGs) is a not for profit and open source initiative.

Meet the founders, hear from the advisory board and co-creating researchers, and learn how the IDGs framework can help accelerate the work towards the UN’s Global Goals or SDGs, see the IDG film.

Our focus is on supporting organizations: companies, NGOs and governments.

They have a great potential to accelerate human growth and collective learning and achieve systemic change. We are building an global ecosystem that brings the world’s leading practitioners and academics on adult learning into a constructive dialogue with pioneering organizations on scaling collective inner development.

IDG Relate2change OSLO HUB is a non-profit membership organization, part of IDG global. We are building a local ecosystem to support the spread and development of Inner Development Goals (IDG), through free HUB meetings, meetings with organizations, talks, co-create and colloborate on projects. 

About Us

We help you grow, while simultaneously creating a more sustainable future.

Book a talk or a mini workshop


We offer talks about the IDGs and how our inner development is linked to a more sustainable future. We are happy to facilitate mini workshops where we give you a taste of experiential learning from the IDG framework. This can be done both on site or online. 


Reach out to Christin Winther


IDG Supervisors

We are passionat about IDG and would like to support you in how you work with IDG+SDG in your organisation.  Would you like to implement and develop IDG skills in your organisation? 

Ask us, we can recommend IDG supervisors to support you. 


Become a sponsor or partner


Would you like to be involved in IDG's work globally? Become a central sponsor of IDG, and be visible on both the main page of IDG and our local website. Or maybe you just want to be a local sponsor? IDG offers various sponsorship packages both locally and centrally.



Our activities

HUB meetings

We organise hubmeetings in Norway. We arrange both physical and digitalmeetings.  Creating eco center for devlopment.  We collaborate with others to raise awareness and knowledge about Inner Development Goals (IDG).We participate in hubmeetings around the world, to be utdated on the constant development of the IDG. 

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Networking - Co-creation

Networking with individuals, groups and organisations to inform and co-create IDG projects to support the SDG work. We are passionate about working with the Inner Development Goals (IDG) we believe its a new momentum now, when so many working for the same goal. 

Networking for a difference.

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Spreading the word

We will contribute to spread information about IDG, and inspire others to join in and contriubute.

In our organzation you can engage and create your own IDG project and collaborate with others.

Together we can do this.

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Join us on the ride towards a more sustainble world. 



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