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Listen to the IDG video about the initiative

"With inner transformation comes exteranal transformation". 

Global change starts with self, starts with each and everyone of us. Making up our mind to be present, care about eachother and care about the future"

Amy Edmonson, Professor Hayward business school

"The problem we face


 is not a knowing-gap. We know what the problem is, we know what the sollutions are. We are not implementing it, so the problem we face is a massive knowing-doing gap"

Otto Scharmer, senior lecturer, MIT

Inner Development Goals (IDGs) is a blueprint of the capabilities, qualities and skills we need in order to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We want to educate, inspire and empower people to be a positive force for change in society and find a more purposeful way to look at our lives and the lives of the people around us. We are a global initiative that develops inner abilities, skills and other qualities for people and organizations involved in efforts to contribute to a more sustainable global society.

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"To make the world a better place  requires highly specialized skills. Very useful, but quit high-level skills. And so, what we want to say to people is; Yes, its great that you want help make the world work better, but you have to get into training."

Simon Anholdt, chair, Inner development goals

Relevant podcasts


A new episode of GestaltPrat is out! This time, we talk about Inner Development Goals (IDG).


FN has specified sustainability goals that seek to end poverty and hunger, realise human rights, and protect our planet. All of this is planned to happen by 2030, so the bar is set high.


GestaltPrat spoke with Christin Winther, an assistant professor at NGI, about IDG as a way forward to reach FN’s sustainability goals, what this entails, and the fact that the process starts with us. And not least – how the educational programmes at NGI and the gestalt method are excellent means to achieve these goals.


Listen to this podcast about I and Thou. 

How we relate to the wold, very relevant regarding the purpose of the IDG

GestaltPrat spoke with Vikram Kolmannskog after his keynote during NGI's conference in October about Buber's I and thou in light of ecology, religion, racism and bias, and spirituality – and in the therapy room. Vikram has also spoken about Buber's philosophy in his own podcast.


Listen to this podcast about The smaller and greater field

Elisabeth Eie

Gestalt therapist and -supervisor Elisabeth Eie works in private practice and supports students in their clinical practice as a member of the staff at NGI. In this podcast, she discusses the theme of her keynote at NGI’s conference in October of 2022 – the smaller and greater field.


Listen to the podcast from Gestaltprat, a podcaststation of Norwegian Gestaltinstitute University College.

GestaltPrat spoke with Jean-Marie Robine about his keynote at NGI’s conference October 30th.

Robine is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, gestaltterapeut, superviser and trainer since 1967. Founder of L'Institut Français de Gestalt Thérapie.

"The world is in crises

economically, politically and

environmentally, ethically and on a socially level.

I am of the world,

therefore I am in crises."

Jean-Marie Robine

Short introduction to IDGs by Åsa Jarskog for Asian business leaders

IDGs recommended in the EU Parliament report on SDGs

The Inner Development Goals initiative has been recommended as an important framework to achieve SDGs in the European Parliament resolution of 23 June 2022 on the implementation and delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Section 50 of the report says: "Underlines the importance of SDG 17 (partnerships for the goals); notes, in the framework of global partnerships and capacity building, the innovative role of open source initiatives, such as the Inner Development Goals initiative, that aim to educate, inspire and empower people to be a positive force for change in society, thereby accelerating progress towards achieving the SDGs".

The report can be downloaded

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