Program spring 2023

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Meetings we have arranged, see our videos: 

30. january 2023

We had a enganging hubmeeting at Center for Relating and change, in Nobelsgate 16 A.  We explored the dimension #BEEING facilitaded by Christin Winther and Cecilie Dale. 

See the film from the meeting: 

1. mars 2023

We had a amazing hubmeeting at AFFs headoffice, exploring the dimension “THINKING” by AFFs Hans Morten Skivik and Maren Haugeto.

See the film from the meeting: 

29. mars 2023

We explored the dimension #RELATING

We had a good meeting and discussions. Thanks to

Norsk Gestaltinstitutt Høyskole that was hosting this HUBmeeting. 

Meetings in May and June

31. mai 2023

We explore the dimension #COLLABORATING

driving change. 

Kl 1700 -2000.

Place: Senter for relasjon og endring, 

Nobelsgate 16 a

0268 Oslo

21. juni 2023 KONFERANSE



1500-1520  Opening outside in the gardentent,  Christin Winther 

1530 -1545 Mindfull start, dimension #Being, musical excersise with singer Lisa Bonnár

1545 1715 - A facilitated sustainability journey through the dimensions  #Being, #Thinking, # Relating, #Collaborating. 4 groups. Prosessleaders: Cecilie Dale, Jøril Korperud Johsen, Helle Evensen, Erik Eggen.

1730-1830 Plenary:  Skandivanvisk Playback theater gestalts our sustainability stories. Focus on the dimension Acting with qualities; courage, perseverance, creativity and optimism. 

1930-2000  Fishbowl: Reflections from the sessions and IDG, and the road ahead. Hans Morten Skivik, Beate Jelstad Løvaas, Kathrine Aspaas, Heidi Lyngstad, Tove Kaiku. 

2000-2200 Afterglow og gardenparty

 Sted: Senter for relasjon og endring, Nobelsgate 16 A

We believe that IDGs belong where value is created, in organisations. We therefore want to arrange our hub meetings at companies that are engaged in sustainability.

Get in touch if you want to arrange a HUB meeting with us. Then we create an exciting format for the meeting together.

Targetgroup for IDG

The targetgroup for IDG is organizations, the framework is made for used within organizations. That will be our focus in the hubmeetings planned for 2023.

We believe that IDGs belong where value is created, where we also reach most people. We therefore want to arrange our hub meetings at organizations and companies that are engaged in sustainability.  Get in touch if your organization want to arrange a HUB meeting with us. Then we co-create a intersting meeting together. 

In january we explored the dimension BEING. The group collaborated around how use this new non-profitt organization to start IDG projects that suppoert the SDG work in the organizations and society.


Read more about Inner Development Goals here, and watch the IDG film here:

IDG Relate2change OSLO HUB

We are part of IDG globally. We are working to support and co-create the process of implanting the IDG skillsets (IDG). This skillset  is needed to reach The UNs Global Goals for Sustainable Development.  

We Are on a Journey of Co-Creation

The Inner Development Goals represents crowd-sourced wisdom of all ages and all cultures. We have not invented any of the skills or methods.
We are building a constantly evolving, open source learning ecosystem where we listen, collect and connect the dots.

It is a continuous journey of co-creation with many participants.

(text from IPG website)

Our main focus is on working with organizations. They have a great potential to accelerate human growth and collective learning. It is a very efficient way to reach many people and achieve systemic change.

Still, the Inner Development Goals add value for everyone in every culture: individuals, families, organizations, communities, humanity and the planet.

(text from IPG website)