Program 2024

We already have ideas for the Hubmeetings this fall, we are collaborating with two organizations and already has an amazing professional to facilitate the first hubmeeting.  The dates is not set yet, follow us på Linkedin we are posting news there regularly.

Meetings we have arranged in 2024,

reed our reports and see our videos: 

We had an amazing hubmeeting at Vid Specialized University

29 of May, 05:30 pm at VID Specialized University

At the meeting, Professor of Organization and Management Beate Jelstad Løvaas and Dag Håkon Eriksen presented a new research article they have written that fits well with IDG and development work: Inner change for outer change. From reflection to social change!

Beate Jelstad Løvaas og Dag Håkon Eriksen

The presentation was interesting and engaged the audience. Gave is two examples of how innerwork impacts social and outer change in an organisational context.  Its also build a understanding of the next post on the program:

The relate2change model


Relate2change model

 Relate2change Consulting AS presented their process model that they call the Relate2change process model, which can be used in all work in organizations and which is particularly well suited to working with the IDG framework.



Kl 1730-1800:  Mingling

Kl 1800-1815:  Velkommen og kort om IDG

Kl 1815-1830:  Relasjonell tilstedeværelse, en    
                           veiledet øvelse

Kl 1830-1900:  Professor Beate Jelstad Løvaas ved
                           VID, presenterer fersk forskning:  I
                           Inner change for outer change.
                           Hvilken betydning har det at
                           organisasjoner ser innover?

Kl 1900-1930:  Relate2change-modellen

                           Christin Winther

Kl 1930-2030:  En smakebit, en erfaring

kl 2030-2100:  Refleksjon og utsjekk

IDG Relate2change Oslo Hub was co-creating this hub meeting with

VID Specialized Unitversity.

VID was the host of this event, at their wonderful campus in Oslo not far from the Frognerpark.

The Relate2change model is a process tool. The model reflects the phases that we go through in change processes. It is a tool for understanding and working with change and development processes in organisations. The model can be used in all development work, and fits well as a method together with the IDG framework. The model has been developed by Relate2change Consulting AS,

This spring we having a pilot with a big organization, and will later share the results.

The professional foundation of the model

The Relate2change model is based on recognized theories and research. It has an experience-based approach and is based on confluent pedagogy, phenomenological method, existentialism and gestalt theory.

Cecilie Dale, Christin Winther og Lars Eirik Eggen

Minutes from our digital hub meeting with IDG, GestaltPractioners in Organisations and Relational change, and Dr Sally Denham Vaugh who presented Reltaional Organisational Gestalt and the SOS modell, a prosess modell. 


We had an exciting night with exploring the IDG and the Gestalt process modell SOS. Thanks again Sally Denham-Vaughan and Relational Change for doing this co-creation event with us pro bono, GPO | Gestalt Praktiserende i Organisasjoner  Anne Karen Breivik and INNER DEVELOPMENT GOALS Relate2change OSLO HUB by Ingunn Cecilie Dale and Christin Winther.

We focused on how work with change procesess , and highlighted the need of have process tools to see and understand what is going on, in order to support. 

Thanks you all for joining us in the dialoug and made this an interesting night. We had participants from Malta, Stockholm, Sweden, Germany, Scotland, England, Oslo, Ireland/Cambodia, Fredrikstad, Trondheim, Bergen, close to Bodø(Christin right now).

We had participants from the international Gestalt and IDG community. 🌎

Thank you for a lovely and interesting night. Lovely to use time with people that really care for others and the🌎, and would like to make a difference.

Hubmeeting at The Nobels Peace center

Direktør Kjersti Fløgstad

We had a exciting hub meeting at The Nobels Peace Center!

Thank you 🙏🏻 to the NOBEL PEACE CENTER FOUNDATION and Kjersti Fløgstad who opened the doors for an IDG HUB meeting in the venerable premises of the Peace Centre.

Thank you for good interaction before, during and after the hub meeting.

There were 54 registered, and with a normal drop-out, we became a prominent group of committed people. Thanks to everyone who came and helped make the evening a success.

🦋 Christin Winther introduced about IDG and the historical lines about the connection between positive social development and collective commitment to personal development, with on example from the  the Nordic countries.  #TheNordicsecret  (recommended to watch as Ted talk or read the book)

🦋Ingunn Cecilie Dale facilitated an exercise in relational presence.
🦋Kjersti Fløgstad presented the 8 dialogue principles from the Nobel Peace Prize winners. And @Per Eirik Gilsvik facilitated practice with art, silence, attention and reflection. In the exercise we visited the

exhibition "Peace is power" With Yoko Ono, in silence. And we met for reflection about the topic.  It was an awesome. 

The hub ended with a reflection/feedback and then check out.

🍀The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we are left with gratitude and the humility of the power of meeting, co-creating, interacting, sharing and reflecting together.

💚The world will be a warmer and better place to be. A warm thank you to everyone!

Words from check out

The whole board was present
Ingunn Cecilie Dale
Helle Evensen
Tove Kaiku
Jøril Korperud Johnsen
Christin Winther

and one representant from Advisory board
Lisa Cooper

🙏🏻Thank you all for the wonderful pro bono work that you all do..

Thanks to Annabell Stefanussen that joined us from the North of Norway.

Watch a tittel video from the night here on our YouTube channel.

We had a rewarding hub meeting at

Bærum municipality!

Mood report from a mega large Valentine's date meeting, with i.a. focus on "unconscious" climate-friendly choices.

Speed dating for our beautiful world❣️

A big thank you to Knut Ivar Karevold who stood up pro bono on Valentine's evening and facilitated an exciting dialogue about how to nudge unconscious climate-friendly choices❣️ Many exciting reflections. Thanks to the hub's Ingunn Cecilie Dale who provided a thoughtful introduction and some information about Inner Development Goals
And a big thank you to Bærum municipality by Merete Blumensaadt, Trine Juhl Sørensen, Heidi Hertzberg Wold, and Kristin Molstad. It was so great to be in their good premises.
And last but not least, all the committed IDG souls who came and made the evening magical.
We showed warm commitment together on important issues.

Thanks for all the contributions. The evening was characterized by a large dose of seriousness, a lot of commitment, and also smiles and laughter. Words such as: "this gives hope", that "it mobilizes energy", "that we stand together on this" "That IDG brings together all disciplines, large/small organisations, state, municipality, private industry, NGOs, to to work together towards a larger overarching goal"

HUB meetings 2023

Meetings we have arranged in 2023,

reed our reports and see our videos:

Thanks to AFF and Hans Morten Skivik that was hosts for the evening.  We had an a hubmeeting fasilitated by Jan and Synne Plantander, where we explored our relations to ourselves and the world around us. The checkout statements was overwhelming good, participants shared how the process impacted them. It really was a relevant exploration and also show how fast we can create a safe space to explore and share real stuff.

30. january 2023

We had a enganging hubmeeting at Center for Relating and change, in Nobelsgate 16 A.  We explored the dimension #BEEING facilitaded by Christin Winther and Cecilie Dale. 

See the film from the meeting: 

1. mars 2023

We had a amazing hubmeeting at AFFs headoffice, exploring the dimension “THINKING” by AFFs Hans Morten Skivik and Maren Haugeto.

See the film from the meeting: 

29. mars 2023

We explored the dimension #RELATING

We had a good meeting and discussions. Thanks to

Norsk Gestaltinstitutt Høyskole that was hosting this HUBmeeting. 

31. mai 2023

We had a wonderful meeting, exploring the dimension #COLLABORATING, facilitated by Christin Winther and Helle Evensen.

Place: Senter for relasjon og endring, 

Nobelsgate 16 a

0268 Oslo

21. juni 2023. Norges første IDG konferansen



We had fantastic day with 60 people enganged in IDG. We had focus on the dimension Acting, and all participants learnt a process to explore how to make good choices. All had a project of sustainibility, and made a choice of action during the conferanse. Some project was shared in the plenary, and playd out by the playbacktheater.  Read more at linkedin:

Video from the conferance is comming soon. 

We believe that IDGs belong where value is created, in organisations. We therefore want to arrange our hub meetings at companies that are engaged in sustainability.

Get in touch if you want to arrange a HUB meeting with us. Then we create an exciting format for the meeting together.

We had a wonderful meeting at DNB. 

Targetgroup for IDG

The targetgroup for IDG is organizations, the framework is made for used within organizations. That will be our focus in the hubmeetings planned for 2023.

We believe that IDGs belong where value is created, where we also reach most people. We therefore want to arrange our hub meetings at organizations and companies that are engaged in sustainability.  Get in touch if your organization want to arrange a HUB meeting with us. Then we co-create a intersting meeting together. 

In january we explored the dimension BEING. The group collaborated around how use this new non-profitt organization to start IDG projects that suppoert the SDG work in the organizations and society.


Read more about Inner Development Goals here, and watch the IDG film here:

IDG Relate2change OSLO HUB

We are part of IDG globally. We are working to support and co-create the process of implanting the IDG skillsets (IDG). This skillset  is needed to reach The UNs Global Goals for Sustainable Development.  

We Are on a Journey of Co-Creation

The Inner Development Goals represents crowd-sourced wisdom of all ages and all cultures. We have not invented any of the skills or methods.
We are building a constantly evolving, open source learning ecosystem where we listen, collect and connect the dots.

It is a continuous journey of co-creation with many participants.

(text from IPG website)

Our main focus is on working with organizations. They have a great potential to accelerate human growth and collective learning. It is a very efficient way to reach many people and achieve systemic change.

Still, the Inner Development Goals add value for everyone in every culture: individuals, families, organizations, communities, humanity and the planet.

(text from IPG website)